Easy Do-It-Yourself Repairs For Auto Parts

Fixing auto parts on your car probably isn’t your favorite item on your to-do list. While car maintenance can be a pain to get done, there are some ways you can save a few bucks by doing some of the repairs yourself. While some auto parts require the attention of a professional, here are some you can easily work on in the comfort of your own garage. used auto parts

Replace a Battery

Changing an old car battery is one of the easiest auto parts to fix yourself. Once you determine that you actually need a new battery rather than just charging your current one, you can purchase a new battery at an auto shop near you. When you get started, you simply disconnect the negative terminal and then the positive terminal from the old battery, switch the old for the new, and connect the positive terminal and then the negative terminal to the new battery. It’s as simple as that. Turn on your car, and you should be ready to roll.

Change Your Oil

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to changing your own oil is making sure you have all the items you need to get the job done. For most changes, you will need oil, a new filter, an oil filter wrench, a socket wrench, a drip pan, a funnel, and towels. Once you warm up your car and lift your vehicle, it’s just a matter of draining the oil, changing the filter, and installing the new oil. If you feel like you need further instruction, there are multiple instructional videos on YouTube or quick how-tos you can check out to help guide you.

Flush and Fill Power Steering Fluid

While it may not be as common as an oil change, giving your car a power steering flush and new fluid can work wonders on your car and extend the life of your other auto parts. Doing this project yourself can save you a couple bucks and have tremendous long term benefits on your vehicle. All you have to do is warm the car up, siphon out the old power steering fluid, fill it with the new fluid you purchased, turn the car on, and turn the wheel all the way both ways a few times to make sure you spread the new fluid.