Top 10 Las Vegas Affordable Family Shows

Las Vegas is well known for it’s first class shows and top headliners. The only problem is that they all come with a hefty price. Many families that come to Las Vegas with children can’t afford to buy tickets for the top shows. Fortunately, many Las Vegas hotels offer quality shows that are affordable and family friendly.

These are the top 10 Las Vegas affordable family shows that my family personally attended and enjoyed.

#1. V – THE ULTIMATE VARIETY SHOW at the Planet Hollywood

Every night at the V-Theatre inside the Planet Hollywood. Great show full of magic, balance acts, juggling, acrobatics and very funny and charming host Wally Eastwood. In my opinion this is absolutely the best family show on the Strip. You will be laughing most of the show.

#2. THE TOURNAMENT OF KINGS at the Excalibur

Great family dinner and show for one price. Audience becomes part of the show as they are divided into different countries while cheering for their knight. Kids love the fact that they must eat their entire dinner with their hands.


Before dinner head down to the V-theatre for one of the furriest shows. Circus performer Gregory Popovich and his family put on a sweet and funny afternoon show featuring their furry four legged friends. The dogs and cats in the show do amazing tricks and will make you laugh aloud.

#4. NATHAN BURTON COMEDY MAGIC at the Flamingo the tiger who came to tea london 

Another great afternoon show for the whole family. What better way to spend afternoon then with magic and music at the same time. Nathan Burton knows how to give his audience 110%. You will be impressed with his magic tricks and delighted by the rhythm of his beautiful showgirls. Amongst his cool props you’ll find the biggest hair dryer you ever saw.

#5. FAB FOUR LIVE at the Planet Hollywood

Introduce your children to the wonderful songs of the Beatles. The Fab Four Live is pretty close to the real thing. At times you can close you eyes and imagine yourself being in mid Sixties. The very touching tribute to John Lennon will make you cry.

#6. ICE: DIRECT FROM RUSSIA at the Riviera

Outstanding ice skating show. The breathtaking gymnastics combined with music and beautiful costumes. Colors, movements, music. Everything and more you want in an ice skating show.

#7. LANCE BURTON at the Monte Carlo

If you like a classic magic show then this one is for you. Lance Burton is an honorary member of The Royal Dynasty of Magic and he’s been sharing his gift with audience in Las Vegas since 1981. During the show several children are given the opportunity to come up on the stage and be a part of the magic. Very family friendly and classy show.