Exploring International Cuisines in Finland: The Most Popular Dishes From Around the World

Exploring International Cuisines in Finland: The Most Popular Dishes From Around the World

Exploring International Cuisines in Finland: The Most Popular Dishes From Around the World

Are you looking to explore the most popular international cuisines in Finland? From traditional Finnish dishes like karjalanpiirakka (rice-filled pastries) and lihapullat (meatballs) to popular international dishes like pizza, sushi, and Mexican food, Finland has a wide variety of flavours to discover. The popular restaurants have also got good online reviews in Finland that made Finland a popular destination for dine-in. Now, it is up to you to decide which cuisine to go for. This, you can do by understanding what other people have to say on ReviewsBird – a platform where everyone can leave reviews about their experiences with the comapny.

In this article, we’ll explore the most popular international Finnish cuisine, from Italian, Chinese, and Indian to Japanese and Mexican. Read on to learn more about the delicious dishes from around the world that you can find in Finland. For these dishes, airfryer can be a must-have to make quick meals and dinners so it is important to have it and learn how to use it for preparing the meals.


Also known as Rye bread is one of the most popular food in Finland for breakfast and is loved by Finns. Whether it is a bakery or a fancy restaurant, you will always find Ruisleipä a part of the dishes being served. This dark-coloured multi-grained bread made from sourdough will definitely grab your attention if you wish to have a royal-like breakfast in Finland.


Also called bread cheese in local languages, it has been one of the top recipes in Finland for ages. With a topping of cloudberry jam or any other sweet jam, this dish is made from pure cow milk topped with cheese which made its way to the US as a famous cheesy dish preferred by people.


Also known as fish pie is derived from Savonia, a famous Finnish dish traditionally served with flour preferably rye flour used to make rye bread with a serving of salt and fish filling with pork or bacon. The fish is cooked and baked in the oven till it becomes moist due to the juicy seasoning which gives it a juicy spicy finish.


Referred to as meatballs, is similar to the Sweden dish, which is famous as the most ordered dish in various countries, which is served with herbs and spices over the meatballs dipped in cream and curd, the recipe is favoured by Finnish people when served with potato gravy or mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber or carrots on top.


The famous Finnish rice pie is cooked in almost any household or any fancy restaurant in Finland, it is a sort of pastry with puff pastry hardened and filled with rice porridge and a topping of herbs and egg with buttercream. This dish is famous among the Swedish people who like to serve it for breakfast or even as lunch.


Finland is a country with a rich culinary history and offers a wide range of dishes from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a light salad or a hearty stew, Finland has something to offer. There are more dishes other than the mentioned but these dishes are loved by everyone who visits Finland.

Kerfoot Bobby

Kerfoot Bobby